Printing from Linux at Lehigh University

If you need to set up a printer on Windows or Mac OS X, you can just go to and run one of the VisualBasic or applescript scripts, respectively. Here are instructions for Linux. And immediately below is a rant on why printers are lame. And you thought CD-ROMs and traditional disk drives were […]

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Script Bash para solucionar Realtek r8168 en Ubuntu Hardy (Español)

Al utilizar Hardy original, algunas tarjetas de red como la Realtek r8168 no funcionan. Recomiendo esta solución: En lugar del utilizar el driver r8169 que se distribuye con Ubuntu (que está roto), es mas conveniente utilizar el driver r8168 que distribuye Realtek.

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Script to Fix R8168 and R8111 in Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux

The new Realtek r8168/r8111 network cards do not work out of the box in recent distributions of GNU/Linux. modprobe loads the r8169 module, which has not yet been updated to work with these cards. A work around is to use the r8168 driver provided by Realtek.

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